Recovering after ICU admission

The ICR program helps to reduce psychological complaints after an ICU stay in an accessible and understandable way. ICR promotes the recovery of ex-IC patient in a positive direction and thereby stimulates his/her self-healing attitude. 


With the ICR Program, the ex ICU patient can immediately start using his/her IC experience in a positive way. Read more about the ICR program for ex ICU patients. 

Family and involved

For the partner of the ICU patient, the family and those directly involved, a visit to the Intensive Care Unit is an impressive and emotional experience. Read more about the involvement of relatives in the ICR program. 

ICR For Nurses

With the ICR program we offer nurses a powerful tool to optimally guide ICU patients – in addition to all other aspects of care – on a psychosocial level. 

ICR for mental healthcare workers

Trainers, therapists and coaches who join the ICR Program subscribe to an integrative and holistic vision of (mental) health care, so that his/her professional practice focuses on the whole person, not only the complaints.